He's back.


So a bit of backstory about Simon. So Simon was living the average life of an average happy American. Then, one day, a man in a strange outfit walked up to Simon and asked him for the time. Simon decided to be a good American and stand his ground. After competing, and winning, in a test of strength against the strange man, Simon saw his clothes and though, "Damn, those are nice." So he took them, ripping in them in the process. He, respectively, left the man's pants.

After accumulating a bow of the gods and wearing a head-wrap to make himself seem blind, Simon took it upon himself to find something to be righteous about. So, he decided to end the sickness that plagues the world. Those who are afflicted must be purged. So much as a cough would warrant a purging.


Simon is a man who believes that he's doing the right thing. The sickness is a scourge that needs to be erased. Simon has taken it upon himself to erase it. He believes this is right and is the only way.


Head: Head-wrap and a hood. Makes him look old and wise. He also rocks a trimmed beard.

Torso: Blue shirt, brown vest, trench coat. All tattered from his various "adventures".

Hands: Bloodied hand wraps. When he first got his bow, he wasn't the smartest person.

Legs: Old boots.

Bow: This is a bow gifted from the gods in his righteous endeavors. His arrows tear apart human flesh like pulled-pork. Within the hands of a master, this bow could cause utter destruction. However, it's currently in the hands of Simon, a man who isn't exactly a master.


  • Simon isn't legally blind. He just covers his eyes because it looks cool.
  • Simon once went to Akademi High, and there he attended Archery club. He was amazing. Astounding, in fact. But he was kicked out for "assaulting a student".
    • Simon claims that the student was sick and needed to be treated urgently.
  • Simon now spends his days breaking in and hanging out with the Library Assistance Club


Kisekae Code

Osenaria's Simon


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