Yakara Ataumiku is an OC created and owned by EwImTrash.

Yakara Atsumiku
Student Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Student
Class 2-2
Club Occult Club
Age 17
Persona Coward
Crush None
Strength Incapable of self-defense
Appears Unknown


Yakara has a red bob of hair, with red eyes and a grey eyepatch. She wears the Occult Club choker, for she is in the club. She wears the original school uniform, unless customized.


Yakara spends most of her time alone, reading all sorts of books, or eating bento.


Yakara has the coward persona. When she sees any evidence of a murder, she will run home. If Yakara witnesses a murder, she will beg for forgiveness and run home. The player will no longer be able to her.


When Yakara walks in the school, she will change her shoes and go to the rooftop. She will find a place to read. She will then head to class. Afterwards, Yakara will go to the same spot and read her Bento, and go to the second section of class. After class, she will go to the Occult Club and participate in the club activity. Yak area will then change her shoes, and go home.


  • Yakara's favorite emoji is the hot dog emoji. She will not tell if you ask why.
  • Yakara is Oka's last choice for the person to run the Occult Club whilst she is not present.
  • Her middle name is Ponnie.
  • Yakara doesnt wear an eyepatch because her eye is infected, discolored, etc.


Oka Ruto

Yakara and Oka were never close. They rarely interact with one another.

Supana Churu

Yakara and Supana are friends, and sometimes hang out after school and on the weekends.

Dere Stats

Kuudere: 8/10

Tsundere: 1/10

DereDere: 0/10

Himedere: 1/10

Bakadere: 2/10


Yakara has the same quotes as any other coward in the school.



Fanfic-chan: Yakara's portrait.

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