Yume Fujimoto
Student Info
Role Rival,
Club leader
Class 1-1
Club Martial Arts Club
Age 16
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush Senpai
Strength Weak
Appears Unknown

Yume Fujimoto is an OC created by Jackboog21.


Yume is a Social Butterfly. Her best friends are Victim-chan and Honoka Saito. Yume's older sisters are Riko Fujimoto and Rina Fujimoto. She is the president of Martial Arts Club. Her classroom is Classroom 1-1.


Yume wears the default uniform and like Pippi Osu, has socks instead of stocking. Her hair and eyes are cyan.


Yume is a bit of a Sue as she has little problems making friends and is very popular. She has good grades. Some describe her as one of the cutest girls at the school.


NOTE: This is very outdated and is no-longer canon to Jackboog21's fanon.

The most innocent of the siblings, unsurprisingly. When she was little, she would play with Riko all the time. Yume's childhood was a happy one, for the most part. She's always dreamed big and is one of the smartest kids in her class.

When her first year of high school started, Yume fell in love with a boy named Senpai.

Yume is also a lucid dreamer, and has been lucid dreaming since the age of 9. She also keeps a "Dream Diary", which she nicknames "Diary of Yume", which means "Diary of Dreams". It's a pun on her name, which means dream. She writes in her diary whenever she can.



Honoka Saito

Honoka is Yume's best friend. They've been best friends since they were kids.

Kellie Kaypopp

Because Kellie is American, Yume really wants to get to know her. However, Kelly finds Yume a bit annoying.

Kitino Ashi

Kitino is one of Yume's friends and tends to hang out with her. Though, Yume finds her a bit annoying at times.

Rikia Aichiki

Rikia believes Yume is a very strong martial artist and doesn't show it off because she doesn't want to blow people's minds. This has lead to her being very loyal to Yume.



Yume has had a crush on him since the start of the school year.

Rina Fujimoto

Rina is Yume's oldest sister.

Riko Fujimoto

Riko is Yume's older sister.

Higaisha Kito

Higaisha and Yume have a 'kawaii' rivalry, but are on good terms with each other.

Kohana Gaden



  • Yume is set to appear as a rival in Yandere Simulator 2D.
  • Yume means "Dream". This is the reason why her old backstory involves lucid dreaming.
    • Her last name, "Fujimoto", means "Wisteria origin".
  • Yume is confirmed to hate video games
  • Yume has an extreme interest in America, and enjoys western music. Katy Clarkson is her favorite singer.
  • Along with being the youngest of her siblings, she's also the youngest in the entire family, being 1 month and 3 days younger than Takashi.


Pictures of her in the More Students Mod.

Pictures of her in Yandere Simulator 2D.

Other art of her considered official by Jackboog21.

Unofficial artwork not made with a computer.

Unofficial artwork made with a computer.

Unofficial artwork made in Kisekae.



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